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What is the topic area? What is the topic area? What is the topic area? What is the topic area?

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As a judge, I'm fine with having read parts smaller as long as I can
still read them. I flow in 6 point anyway, so that's fine even for the
parts you read. I consider 5 readable while 4 is pushing it (but
probably ok when there are paragraphs between), and better than (a)
having cards that run 4 pages and create confusion or (b) making a long
card into several shorter ones to make the ellipse more legitimate. 

I've also dealt with a lot of cards that were hard to read for other
reasons - unethically bad copying, copies printed from unethical microfiche (less common
now), over use of unethical highlighters, unethical printers than make highlighting appear too
dark, etc. I generally just roll with the punches, and say something if
it gives me problems. 

If it's really unethical to use small font, is disregarding a card is the appropriate penalty? It's not the penalty we typically use for other ethical violations....

I think ethical expectations stem from community norms so widely
accepted that they are easily accessible to those first entering the
community. But, I'm late on reading the latest issue of "Judging
Cabal", so perhaps this has been declared an ethical norm.

My point really is just that opinions vary about the details. Perhaps a great benefit of Whitman's "paperless" approach is that you can just increase the size with a keystroke instead of having to go back and re-print years worth of backfiles as the standards for font size and style evolve....

I suspect
some of the variance can be explained by attitude toward computer
technology and/or nostalgia for tape & scissors. That said, I've
seen actual printed material with a font smaller than 8. Perhaps we
should thank the digital age for finally making it ethical to quote such


p.s. What's the topic area?

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