[eDebate] 5 Point font

Kade Olsen kade.olsen
Thu May 14 13:56:10 CDT 2009

Of course 5 point font is possible to read.  I could really care less the
size of font when I am judging, 5 to 15 is fine.

It is different when debating.  Judges can take an  hour to decide; there is
10 min of prep per team. If there is a stack of cards and all the
non-underlined is in a very small font it is Much Harder to Quickly read
non-underlined parts of evidence.  But ya know, debate is great with a bunch
cards that can be underlined to exclude damaging parts of cards etc.

I don't know if people "hide things more" with smaller font.  When cards are
underlined,  we change (in a small or big way) the article/book.  It be nice
to know what the authors also wrote around what people underlined.

The only other thing I have heard is "you could do worse shit". Wow.

It doesn't save much paper. Put it in 8 if you are really that concerned
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