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Paul Johnson paulj567
Thu May 14 14:57:22 CDT 2009

Whoever said it was a problem of technology is right. Previously, this concern wouldnt come up because A) font shrinking technology was light years from a ditto machine B) people cut shorter cards cause they had to copy them down by hand C) for a while there the "old style" of card cutting (shorter, sound bitey) continued to hang on as a practice even when technological developments meant that you didnt have to do that, and D) including a card that was a whole article used to be more work (extra scissors and taping) rather than less.

The unfortunate entailment of the increased fluency debate teams have with electronic evidence production is that people often do cut cards that would previously have taken up several pages but now only take up one or two. So while the allure of context is intriguing, because of the time constraints of contest rounds the ability to actually sort through this remains difficult.

I agree with Kade that it sucks, kind of. But it sucks less than when people would cut a one paragraph card with no context. I think we have to trust, as in all matters, that our competitors and colleagues are doing an honest and genuine job of trying to cut evidence that is not out of context. At least including more context gives the ability for the judge to act as something of a quality control filter. 

The people who would cut a shady paragraph 20 years ago are the same people who would now cut an entire article as one big card and zero in on two sentences while making the rest of it ellipsesed. We can do nothing about it except pursuing their citations, which is why the day when everything makes it on the Wiki nearly instantaneously will be a great day.


But seriously, kids, just cause you think everything is on the Wiki doesn't mean you have the right to not flow. I see so many debaters that dont flow. If you don't flow you miss things. They are called arguments. Not all of them are made in cards. Many of them are important. Don't do it just because I'm trying to perform a curmudgeonly 55 year old man rant. Do it because you might miss crucial arguments and distinctions on which the debate may hinge. Do it because smart opponents may notice that you're not flowing and take advantage of you. Do it because its the moments where the debate changes from what you thought it was going to be coming in are some of the moments when debate happens. 



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> Quit complaining. Seriously. Its just
> small paper saving font. it
> could be much worse like comic sans or a language that cant
> be written
> down. So get out your reading glasses and suck it up. Or
> continue
> complaining.
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