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Kade Olsen kade.olsen
Thu May 14 15:31:36 CDT 2009

 I get the saving paper thing. T Cram and David make sense. If someone has
gone through the effort to shorten a file intelligently (more work doesn't
equal more pages) and its a difference between bringing another tub on the
plane, Make the font small.

Also, I do not support by any means  teams doing hasty ethics challenges in
debate rounds.  These are absurd and damaging to the community. I'm not
going to vote against teams/dock points for doing this because it would be
an ass move given the variance in standards.

I need to be clear.  I don't think Anyone is "cheating" by doing this.
But, People Underline certain portions of Evidence not just because they
want portions to be read but also because they don't want portions to be
read (no shit i know, but important).

But, heaven forbid, because we are Reading EVIDENCE maybe we should care
what the author is saying. Maybe putting potentially damaging lines of a
cards in difficult to read font makes debate about who can read the most
cards on a subject rather than actually talking about the each others

Paul is right, Most cards are not on the wiki.  Hell, most advantage cites
aren't even on the wiki.  I  do not care about this when I am judging.  I do
my best to only read the underline evidence.  But when y'all debated, You
can Honostly tell me you could easily go through peoples cards in the size 5
font to point out problems with the cards?  Really?  And if you couldn't,
you honoslty think debate is better this way?  If you do, the disagreement
is far to big for anything productive to come from me arguing this.

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