[eDebate] 5 point font: pffft

tcram tcram
Fri May 15 14:46:06 CDT 2009

I'll trust your algorithms and disregard my four years of 'lived experience' and let this debate die.  I've got cards about nukes to cut, ev to shrink and truth to obfuscate.


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I think you and Dave are exaggerating the role that reducing from 8 pt font
to 5 pt font plays in saving file space. Your estimates presume that 25% of
every card is dead space reduced by 50%. Font reductions a. do not save 50%
of space even if they reduce the font by 50% of its size and b. do not have
uniform effects on every card or every file. I suspect that at most a 3 pt
font size reduction decreases the size of the average file by 10% which is
typically not a tub sized reduction and file sizes could be offset in ways
that don't dramatically impact the competitive experiences of other teams.

This complaint is not one of just 3 judges, but is one I frequently hear
from debaters I coach and judge. It definitely impacts my life way less than
it does those of debaters.


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