[eDebate] Nuclear Wording

M G malgorthewarrior
Fri May 15 20:11:56 CDT 2009

Mr Antonucci

In the proposed resolution

"That the United States federal government should significantly limit the

use of its nuclear weapons"

You could define 'use' to mean deterrence.  This is not a hard debate to win-our primary use of nuclear weapons now is as a deterrent capability. An interpretation along those lines would allow arms control/deep cuts affs.  

Just role with the HS rez from my senior year, slightly modified.

That the united states federal government should establish a policy significantly limiting the use of nuclear weapons.

I guess you could add a modifier like "national security" before policy to try and limit a little more.

Bottom line-there is an interpretation of that resolution that mandates affs link to the deterrence da.  And what a delicious DA that is.


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