[eDebate] How I voted for the First-Rounds

Eric Morris ermocito
Tue May 19 15:32:21 CDT 2009

Will and I agreed we would both release these awhile after the NDT to invite
discussion, and I am also interested in productive/constructive feedback. I
hadn't seen Will's 2008-9 system until today, but I was influenced by his
2007-8 (unofficial) system.

Here are a few of the notable distinctions, and I'd be interested in
feedback from others on these in particular.

1. Round Robins. Invitation only, different judge placement systems. I
downgraded the significance of wins/losses at Round Robins, based on
discussions with several over their significance. I particularly found it
difficult to consider the difference in RR placement (decided at UKRR by
speaker points) relative to wins/losses in semis & finals of other

2. Losses vs Wins. One of my explicit goals was to avoid punishing teams for
adding regionals to the national schedule. Replacing a national has an
opportunity cost of potential wins foregone, but merely appearing at a
regional doesn't hurt at all. It can hurt with multiple losses, and it can
help if you beat strong competition there. I think losses are important,
that the regional/national question is a tough balancing act, etc.

Oh, and Will has me on page count, so I'm going to partially offset that my
adding my 2nd round rankings. I have to do SOMETHING to make sure his "dork"
moniker sticks....

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