[eDebate] How I voted for the First-Rounds

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Tue May 19 23:54:00 CDT 2009

Eric, et al.,

My first concern is always going to be regional tournaments over the  
NDT. I do recognize that the NDT serves a valuable purpose withint he  
policy debate community. Excellence should always be rewarded. But I  
think those who value the NDT above all, may want to think about the  
process outlined by Eric...but take it a little further.  I think that  
only the "National Tournaments" (Wake, USC, Harvard, Northwestern  
etc.) should be counted toward NDT first round bids.

The fear of a "bad loss," at a regional tournament may deter the top  
20 teams from particpating in a regional tournament. I think all of us  
would agree that having our top regional teams lose to a top twnety  
NDT team is more educational and more productive than many wins  
against other regional teams. If reducing the fear of a "bad loss"  
would encourage more particpation in regional debate tournaments, I  
think changes in first-round judging criteria is warrented.

Just a thought.

Scott Elliott

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