[eDebate] How I voted for the First-Rounds

A Numbers Game edebate edebate
Wed May 20 01:16:51 CDT 2009

Thanks for the posts. I have a few questions.

These are not meant as criticism of the voters, their systems, or the
balloting process. They are also directed to anyone interested, not
just the two voters who have posted their rationales so far.

1. In many sports leagues, there aren't tournaments. Team ratings are
often based on opponent strength directly, rather than any opponent
strength inferred by the venue. Would it be possible or desirable to
rank debate teams while ignoring the venue? Some confounding factors
to consider are the much large number of contests and opponents, the
lack of conferences, the lack of margins of victory, and a possibly
qualitatively different judge pool at larger tournaments.

2. Is it better to count wins or to count ballots? If A beats B 3-0 in
an outround, are they more likely to beat B again than if they had
only beaten B 1-0 in a prelim? How should we compare a prelim victory
to a split decision in an outround?

3. I'd like to hear more about this:

> I
> downgraded the significance of wins/losses at Round Robins, based on
> discussions with several over their significance.

4. The rules for at-large bids can be found here:


For several consecutive ranks in the rationales posted so far, the
raters talk about evaluating two teams that are very close. Is an
ordinal voting system best, or should there be some way to denote the
magnitude of the difference between teams? Note that no voting system
gets around:


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