[eDebate] High-Tech Legal Startup looking to partner with teams nationwide

Henry Liao henryzliao
Tue Nov 3 07:35:47 CST 2009

Hi fellow debaters,

I'm writing to you on behalf of Seravia, a high-tech legal startup founded
by a Google Product Manager, Stanford PhD, and Goldman Sachs Executive
Director. We're looking to partner with student organizations and
educational groups, including debate teams, throughout the US that can help
forward mail to our Chicago address (and sign for certified mail/be on
standby for service of process). We're willing to compensate you for helping
us by helping contribute to a debate team fund, coach fund, or tournament
fund. Since we're a startup, we're taking it slow to test our operations
before we grow, but if mail volume increases we'll adjust compensation
accordingly. If you're interested please let me know!

Henry Z. Liao

Stanford University
B.A. Human Biology
B.A. International Relations
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