[eDebate] Thank you Harvard

Tansy Woan twoan318
Tue Nov 3 13:41:42 CST 2009

Just wanted to say thank you to Harvard for hosting an excellent tournament!
I had a fantastic time this weekend, as did many others. As always, the food
was phenomenal and the hard work put forth by Dallas, Stefan, Sherry, all of
the Harvard Debate Team, and anyone else that I am forgetting (I apologize
in advance) was greatly appreciated. You all really outdid yourselves this
weekend, it was quite impressive =). Thanks again for all of your hard work
and hosting one of the best tournaments of the year!

Tansy Woan

P.S. If anyone happened to find a green folder that had "Binghamton
University" written on the front, please let me know. I lost it at some
point this weekend and I think I may have left it in one of the rooms in
Sever Hall. It contains a lot of documents that are really important to me,
many of which I need for class. Thanks so much!
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