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Darren Elliott delliott
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This was posted to the IE list serv.  Anyone in that area able to have any influence to keep Marist?


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Hi All,

Marist is in the middle of re-assessing forensics and they know they want to transition away from Policy (NDA/CEDA), but are wanting some data and recommendations, which is where I come in. I've been tasked to put together a series of recommendations for them in really rebuilding what they're going to do with forensics here.

To that end, I'm trying to collect some anecdotal information about program participation in NFA, in particular and so if you would like to be included as an anecdote or aggregate of information :) :) :), any information you could send me on the following would be greatly appreciated. Not surprisingly, there's no deadline, but the sooner I can get it in the better (translation, they'd like it two days ago :) ), so if you get an immediate chance for feedback fantastic. I'll also be trolling the NFA meeting for feedback as well.

Points of commentary:
1. Why NFA versus or in addition to AFA, NPDA, Policy, etc. etc.?
2. What range of salary is appropriate AND realistic for a DOF (not asking how much you make, though that could be a good gauge :) )?
3. Do you think NFA offers any unique benefits for competition and participation among diverse populations of students--compared to AFA, NPDA, Policy, etc. etc.?
4. How much of a difference would it make/ does it make to have an administrative assistant doing the paperwork for the team? (versus doing it yourself)
5. And the catch all--what else do you think an administration should know about supporting and re-tooling a forensics program?

Thanks in advance!
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