[eDebate] edebate's estate

Michael Antonucci antonucci23
Sun Nov 8 14:28:36 CST 2009

Let me echo Scott's thanks to Phil.  I think, in both this and other
projects, you've advanced the community's interest tirelessly.

I think you should do precisely what you want to do.  If you feel that
maintaining the listserv is rewarding, you should do that.  If you feel that
it's a pain, you should pull the plug - or let it fall into disrepair.  It
isn't doing any harm, but the effort involved in making it fast again might
be prohibitive.

I have one small concern.  What about the archives?  It seems that measures
should be taken for executing e-debate's estate.  Will they be maintained at
the current location?  Is that costing you?  I'm sure that hosting is
available at any number of places.

Michael Antonucci
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Georgetown University
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