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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Nov 17 10:17:25 CST 2009

What possible reason would anybody on this listserv have for
supporting them in this move. I can understand why the nfa listserv
would be intersted and any members that have dual membership might see
it as part of the goal of promoting forensics but this is a list for
the cross examination debate association. It seems silly to use it to
help people who are explicitly in opposition to cross examination
debate promote their agenda.

On 11/3/09, Darren Elliott <delliott at kckcc.edu> wrote:
> This was posted to the IE list serv.  Anyone in that area able to have any
> influence to keep Marist?
> chief
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> Subject: NFA Schools... A request for information
> Hi All,
> Marist is in the middle of re-assessing forensics and they know they want to
> transition away from Policy (NDA/CEDA), but are wanting some data and
> recommendations, which is where I come in. I've been tasked to put together
> a series of recommendations for them in really rebuilding what they're going
> to do with forensics here.
> To that end, I'm trying to collect some anecdotal information about program
> participation in NFA, in particular and so if you would like to be included
> as an anecdote or aggregate of information :) :) :), any information you
> could send me on the following would be greatly appreciated. Not
> surprisingly, there's no deadline, but the sooner I can get it in the better
> (translation, they'd like it two days ago :) ), so if you get an immediate
> chance for feedback fantastic. I'll also be trolling the NFA meeting for
> feedback as well.
> Points of commentary:
> 1. Why NFA versus or in addition to AFA, NPDA, Policy, etc. etc.?
> 2. What range of salary is appropriate AND realistic for a DOF (not asking
> how much you make, though that could be a good gauge :) )?
> 3. Do you think NFA offers any unique benefits for competition and
> participation among diverse populations of students--compared to AFA, NPDA,
> Policy, etc. etc.?
> 4. How much of a difference would it make/ does it make to have an
> administrative assistant doing the paperwork for the team? (versus doing it
> yourself)
> 5. And the catch all--what else do you think an administration should know
> about supporting and re-tooling a forensics program?
> Thanks in advance!
> Audra

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