[eDebate] Kentucky Round Robin results

SOLT, ROGER E resolt2
Fri Oct 2 11:04:55 CDT 2009

The top four teams at the Kentucky Round Robin were:

 1.  Emory (Inamullah and Weil) 7-1
 2.  Northwestern (Fisher and Spies) 5-3
 3.  Harvard (Jacobs and Parkinson) 5-3
 4.  Whitman (Cohn and Straus) 5-3

The top three speakers were:

 1.  Stephen Weil, Emory
 2.  Matt Fisher, Northwestern
 3.  Eli Jacobs, Harvard

Thanks to all participants for a most congenial and cooperative two days.

Complete results will hopefully be available by early next week at the latest.

Roger Solt
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