[eDebate] Round 5 - announcements

Gary Larson Gary.N.Larson
Sat Oct 3 15:09:51 CDT 2009

Several announcements regarding tomorrow.
Pairings for round 5 will be released tonight roughly 30 minutes after the receipt of last ballot.  They will be sent to edebate and our school e-mail contacts (all those who receive this message).  Online ballots will be sent out at 6:30 AM.
The Student Center and SCA will NOT be used tomorrow.  They will be CLOSED and LOCKED. It is imperative that you take all of your possessions when you leave tonight.
We also strongly advise that you take your evidence out of BE.  The best place to leave evidence on campus tonight is the Classroom Building.  Most rounds will be in CB or OT.
CB and OT will be unlocked by 7:00 AM.  BE is scheduled to be unlocked at 7:15.
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