[eDebate] KCKCC Tournament Updates

Darren Elliott delliott
Sun Oct 4 23:57:33 CDT 2009

We are excited to be hosting so many of our friends this weekend in Kansas City.  A couple things to attend to.

Please finalize your judging commitments as soon as you can.  I want to enable prefs by Thursday morning.  Right now a number of you have not entered enough judges.  Only JCCC has contacted the tournament about hiring judges so I am assuming the rest of you are covered.

If you are coming and want to hire out for rounds that you have that are extra to give, please let me know.  We will need to hire rounds.

Please finalize entries/names if you have not done so yet.  Looks like Quarters in Open and Novice and close to partial Octos in JV.  At least 2 other schools indicated they might come but have not entered.  If you are coming, please enter.

See you all on Friday.
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