[eDebate] The 2009 Glenbrooks - Seeking Judges

Tara Tate tara_l_tate
Tue Oct 6 08:53:29 CDT 2009

The 2009 Glenbrooks is looking for judges in our debate divisions (VCX, JVCX, VLD, JVLD, Public Forum, Student Congress). We know that this is the same weekend as Wake Forest and we want to still try to provide the best quality pool possible.

Please email me if you are interested in a full-time contract. We have a select few of these contracts that are available for individuals that we believe will be highly preferred by most of the pool in the varsity events. Transportation and housing a possibility.


We know some of you are attending the Northwestern University Round Robin immediately following The Glenbrooks as a judge.  If you are coming in to the North Shore on Monday and would be willing to judge an elim for us on Monday, please let me know that as well.


If you are already attending The Glenbrooks as a part-time judge, we are paying individuals $40 a round in VCX and VLD that we use you past your commitment. We would like as many "A/A" judges in our debates as possible. If you are interested in judging rounds past your commitment, please email me as well.

ttate at glenbrook.k12.il.us 


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