[eDebate] Speaker Points, 100 Point Scale, Philosophy Change

Matt Struth mstruth
Wed Oct 7 11:45:15 CDT 2009

I have made a few changes in my philosophy regarding speaker points under
the 100 point scale, paperless debating issues, and a few other issues.

I'm still concerned about the same issues I was regarding the 100 point
scale when I posted after GSU. If we as a community we want the "average" to
be lower, I still think we should talk about it. I think it would probably
be helpful if tournaments provided directions establishing what the 100
point scale means.

If a tournament provides directions either on the ballot or in the
tournament info on what the 100 point scale means, I will err towards
following those directions. Barring that, for now I will continue to use
pretty much the same scale that Hester established (and that several other
judges seem to be using):

27-27.5:    70-74
27.5-28:    75-82
28-28.5:    83-89
28.5-30     90-100
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