[eDebate] Need Judging for CSUN - Flight/Room/$300 ~~Look~~

omar guevara oguevara
Wed Oct 7 18:15:38 CDT 2009

I need at least 3 full-time critics for CSUN (11.20-11.22)


I know it is the same weekend as Wake and GBN, so I'm will to make an aggressive offer.


If you live in the Western United States, I will fly you out early Friday AM, give you a room in the tournament hotel for two nights (with no more than one room mate), and pay you $300 cash.  


I will fly you out on the last flight from LA to where ever it you are going on Sunday Night.  It has to be late on Sunday so you can be available for elimination rounds.


If you can only send single rounds, I will pay $50 per round.


Please let me know as I will have a large amount of students and not nearly enough help judging, coaching, and administrating.



Omar G Guevara II
Director of Forensics
Department of Communication
College of Arts & Humanities
Weber State University
Ogden, Utah

801.626.6220 (Office)
801.668.6910 (Cell)
Oguevara at hotmail.com
Oguevara at weber.edu


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