[eDebate] Kentucky semis and finals

SOLT, ROGER E resolt2
Thu Oct 8 10:05:51 CDT 2009

I don't know if these have been posted earlier, but in case they have not, here they are.

In semi-finals, Cal BP (aff) defeated West Georgia BS on a 2-1 decision.  Lacy, *Abelkop, Feldman
            MSU LW (aff) defeated Emory IW on a 2-1 decision.  Achten, Hardy, *Mancuso

In finals, MSU LW (neg) defeated Cal BP on a 2-1 decision.  Heidt, Hardy, *Lee

In the first year final, Emory HZ defeated Dartmouth AB.  (Sorry-don't know the sides or the score off hand.)

Congratulations to all the late elim participants.

Roger Solt
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