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I also just posted this to debateresults.com

Dear Debate Coach:

The University of Denver Debate Team invites you to attend the Fourth Annual

Mile High Classic hosted by the University of Denver. Come and experience
the Mile High City right in the middle of the ski season. We are offering a
full scale policy debate tournament that will have a very favorable
schedule, with a light breakfast and lunch provided for all participants. As

many of you know, we like to have a good time here in Denver, and the
hospitality will be second to none. Denver is in the middle of the country
and is easily accessible by plane, as both Southwest and Frontier Airlines
have numerous low cost flights into town. Hope to see you in the mile high


Justin Eckstein
Director of Debate
University of Denver
Cell: (505) 235-2110

Justin.eckstein at gmail.com

Brian Schrader

Assistant Debate Coach

Bschrade at du.edu <http://www.ndtceda.com/mailman/listinfo/edebate>


DIVISIONS: For this tournament we will offer two divisions, open and jv. If
there are insufficient entries for jv division, we will collapse into open
with JV ?break-out? out rounds . Time limits for the tournament are 9-3-6
with 10 min prep. We will adhere to the CEDA guidelines for eligibility in
each division.

TOPIC: The 2009-2010 CEDA/NDT Nuclear Weapons topic will be used in each

ENTRIES: No limits on the number of entries per school so long as an
appropriate number of judges are provided. We will be using the Bruschke
system, so place your entries online at www.debateresults.com

FEES: Each debate team will be charged $75. The charge for an uncovered
debate team will be $135 (including the entry fee - not in addition to entry

the fee). It is unlikely that we will have a lot of extra judges for hire,
so please do your best to cover all of your teams. The fees are used to pay
for tournament expenses, meals, and awards. Judging fees go directly to
those hired.

DEBATES: Each team will debate affirmative and negative three times. There
will be an appropriate number of elimination debates in each division.
Criteria for qualifying for elimination rounds are (1) win-loss record, (2)
total speaker points (3) adjusted speaker points. Brackets will NOT be
broken in the elimination rounds.

JUDGING: Each school is expected to provide one qualified judge for each 2
debate teams or portions thereof. All judges must be available to judge one
round after his/her teams have been eliminated. Judges are expected to
assign 1 winner and 1 loser in each debate. If this is not done, or is not
done in a reasonable fashion, the tab room will assign a win and a loss via
coin toss.

REGISTRATION: Debate registration begins at 7:00pm Thursday, January 21, at
the Tournament Hotel (La Quinta) and will run until 10:00pm. If you have any
issues with
registration, please contact Brian Schrader at the above listed phone number

and/or e-mail address.

LODGING: There are a number of Hotels very near the DU campus. The
tournament hotel will be:
La Quinta: Cherry Creek
1975 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO
(303) 758-8886
5-10 min from campus.
$80-$90 per night

We are currently in negations for the block rate. As soon as it becomes
available I will e-mail edebate with the necessary information. If the block
is filled up, or you do not desire to stay at the La Quinta, below is a list
of fairly close hotels and their rates:

Fairfield Inn
1680 S Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO
(303) 691-2223
5-10 min from campus.
$80-$90 per night

Holiday Inn Select
455 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO.
(303) 388-5561
10 min from campus.
$120.00 and up per night

Rockies Inn
4760 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO
(303) 757-7601
5 min from campus.
$40-$50 per night

DIRECTIONS: The University of Denver is located on South University Blvd.
and East Evans Ave. The address for Strum Hall, where all of the tournament
will be held, is 2000 Asbury Ave Denver, CO 80208, and is located on the
south east corner of Asbury Ave and Race St. E-mail Brian for complete
directions. Parking is on Race St., which is on the west side of Sturm Hall.

PARKING: The majority of parking on the DU campus is pay parking for a
couple of dollars an hour. For those who are not faint of heart, there is
free parking to be found, but hunting it out can be a challenge. We will
secure free parking for everyone in attendance, but you must tell us in
advance that you need a pass. You will pick up your parking pass when you
register for the tournament, so don?t be late. There is free city parking
about five blocks out from campus, so worst case scenario, people can be
dropped off at Sturm Hall and then cars can be parked off campus.


University of Denver Policy Debate Tournament, January 25-27, 2008

Thursday, January 21
7:00pm ? 10:00pm: Registration at the Tournament Hotel

Friday, January 22
8:00am: Light Breakfast, Sturm Hall, 2nd Floor
8:30am: Release of Round I pairings
9:30am: Round I

12:00pm: Lunch (provided by tournament), Sturm Hall, 2nd Floor
1:00pm: Round II
4:00pm Round III

7:00pm  Round IV

Saturday, January 23
9:00am: Light Breakfast, Sturm Hall, 2nd Floor
9:30am: Release of Round V pairings
10:00am: Round V
12:30pm: Lunch (provided by tournament), Sturm Hall, 2nd Floor
2:00pm: Round VI
5:00pm: Round VII

Sunday, January 24
9:00am: Awards Ceremony Pairings will be released
10:00am: Elimination Rounds will begin and will follow every 3 hours as
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