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Thought some of you on the list might be interested in this...
Brad Mello, BMello at natcom.org

Call for Applications to attend Institute for Integration of Research on
Climate Change and Hazards in the Americas

Anticipated impacts of climate change increase the likelihood and extremity
of hazards, and when coupled with the largely unpredictable ways in which
local communities may experience new or different kinds of events, the
importance of supporting integration at the hemispheric scale rises to a
critical level.  The Institute for Integration of Research on Climate Change
and Hazards in the Americas will address these topics and foster a
region-wide community of scholars and practitioners.  Up to 50 graduate
students and post-doctoral scholars from the US and Latin America will be
supported to participate in a two-week long institute in Panama City, Panama
to be held in June 2010.  The institute will offer lectures, demonstrations,
technical training, group discussions, and work sessions at the advanced
graduate and post-doctoral level.  Participants will collectively produce a
research agenda and a set of white papers, and will support development of
an online knowledge and col!
 laboration environment before, during, and after the event.
The event, co-organized by the Association of American Geographers (AAG),
the PanAmerican Institute for Geography and History (PAIGH) of the
Organization of American States, the US Geological Survey (USGS), the
National Communication Association (NCA), and the United Nations Environment
Programme Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNEP), will
take place in collaboration with the Universidad Tecnol?gica de Panam? and
will be led by an expert interdisciplinary team of 12 lecturers from the US,
Panama, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico. The desired result of the program is a
clear roadmap and collaborative mechanism for developing and sharing the
knowledge necessary for responding to climate change and hazards in the
Americas in an integrative way, using geographic tools and methods as a
research and communication framework. Funding for the institute comes from
the US Department of Energy and US National Science Foundation sponsored Pan
American Advanced Studies Insti!
 tute Program (NSF PASI).
Graduate students, post doctoral students, or early career scientists within
6 years of receiving the PhD, and who are US citizens or permanent residents
or are currently enrolled in a US university or academic institution in any
field may apply to attend as US Participants. Underrepresented groups and
students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic-serving
institutions, and tribal colleges are encouraged to apply. Graduate
students, post doctoral students, or early career scientists within 10 years
of receiving the PhD who are citizens of and residents in any country in
Latin America may apply as Regional Participants. Selected participants must
attend the full two week institute in Panama and will receive airfare,
lodging, local transportation to institute events, training materials, and
some meals paid for by the program.  Application forms, instructions and
selection criteria are available on the website at
www.aag.org/Grantsawards/pasi.html.  Deadl!
 ine for submissions is January 16, 2010.  For questions or additional
information, please contact Patricia Sol?s at psolis at aag.org.

Brad Mello, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Educational Initiatives
The National Communication Association
1765 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
(o) 202-534-1103 (f) 202-464-4600
bmello at natcom.org
Sue Peterson, Director of Speech and Debate at CSU Chico
sepeterson at csuchico.edu

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