[eDebate] Proposed NDT Scouting Rule Changes

Stefan Bauschard stefan.bauschard
Mon Oct 19 12:41:54 CDT 2009

In light of the growth in paperless debate, I have been considering
proposing/suggesting some scouting rule changes/additions for the NDT.

The new rules would be something along the following:

(1) Teams should inform the scouting director prior to the tournament if the
overwhelming majority of their debating will be "paperless."
(2) When assigning scouts, the scouting directors should prioritize the
scouting of "paper teams" -- even sending more than one scout to the rooms
where there are paper teams.
(3) Paperless teams should self-report the following within 30 minutes of
the conclusion of the debate:
(a) Any new 1ACs (tags, cites, new plans) that are read in the debate
(b) Any modifications/additions to existing 1ACs (tags, cites, plan changes
(c) Tags & Cites for cards read in the 1NC
(d) CPs & K alts read in the 1NC/block.
(e) Tags & cites for cards read in the 2AC
(f) Tags and cites for any cards read in any other speeches

My rationale:  We encourage self-reporting prior to the tournament, so why
not during the tournament.  Taking 2 minutes to post your own stuff is way
more efficient than having scouts re-type it all after the debate (and they
often run out of time).

#s 2 & 3 are not mutually exclusive. Having people self-report with scouts
in the room just ensures that more information is collected.

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