[eDebate] New Debate Software Suite

Michael Antonucci antonucci23
Tue Oct 20 00:24:36 CDT 2009

Alex Gulakov has designed a new paperless debate system with accompanying

It includes virtual tubs, a new flowing system and an integrated paperless
system.  Although it is extremely useful for paperless debating, it can be
used by the paperful and paperless alike.

Find and download Debate Synergy 1.0.


A note on the distribution: Georgetown University Debate is offering small
grants for distribution of similar free, open-source material.  If you have
a similar product, please feel free to contact us.

The current slate of Debate Advanced Research Projects include a new robot
to automatically cut cards from first and last words of caselisted cites.
When completed, this robot may resolve the dilemma over fulltext disclosure.

Electives on the use of these new programs will be offered during the summer

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