[eDebate] Phil, Shut Down edebate--its OK

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Oct 26 08:09:24 CDT 2009

I want to thank Mr. Kerpen for maintaining edebate. (He is also a real  
hoot to watch on the Glen Beck show.) However, it is time to shut this  
site down. Its ok. We really do not need it anymore. Maintaining the  
site is causing confusion and delaying the transition to the CEDA  
sponsored listserves. Based on the dearth of postings, and the delays  
in needed postings, it is apparent that edebate has outlived its  
purpose. It would save time, money and bandwidth to just get rid of  
it. Having had more fun than just about anyone ranting on edebate, I  
am a little saddened by its demise. But it is time to pull the plug on  

Scott Elliott

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