[eDebate] obama gets C- on health care so far

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Mon Oct 26 15:51:20 CDT 2009

kudos for aiming to get it done.   however, caveat to the kudos.   yes, 6 administrations have tried and failed but after 6 failures the option of blocking health reform is no longer viable.    more like, in the right place at the right time last october when obama got a free gift to the white house.   good thing hillary forced health reform to the forefront of the primaries.   

despite kudos, obama deserves criticism for confusing the debate or for not clarifying the debate to strengthen the reform effort.

holding onto the public option as a symbol for the left has proven disastrous.   the explanation before the joint congress of the public option as a minor piece that only applies to 5% of the population who don't have insurance was RIDICULOUS.   if so, then why even continue to entertain the idea except as a symbol for the left.     the explanation was incomplete.    "only applies to 5% who do not have insurance."   ok, so what about those who cancel their insurance after the public option is available.   are they eligible?    of course, the acritical media let a stupid explanation of the public option fly.   no one is allowed to ask obama a question that would damage his credibility because we need to restore the image of the presidency.    the poor explanation has fed concerns that the intent is to gradually whittle away at private insurance and expand the public option over time.     

well, we need the public option to insure competition where there is none.    why is the refrain continually repeated ignoring the republican counter-proposal to allow insurance to be sold across state lines?    if that proposal were even publicly considered once by the obama administration, would they even be able to need the public option to insure competition?    how come there is no comparative analysis coming from the white house of the different mechanisms to create competition?  and lastly, if the public option is so miniscule in size that it should not be mis-represented as "big government" then how much will really help foster competition?     good thing he got off the policy side of the debate in his speech and moved onto the no-brain area of the moral argument.

baucus proposed the health cooperative.    this idea was not completely ignored.   obama actually mentioned the word "coops" in his speech but we have seen no investigation into the viability of cooperatives by his administration effectively killing that idea as a viable alternative to the lame 5% public option.     

he's afraid of his base which has stalled the reform.   

to get the bipartisan support of snowe and some blue-dogs, he will have to change his strategy and go with more offense on the alternatives.   he should have done this earlier to help clarify the debate instead of hiding behind half explanations and relying upon public ignorance to postpone moving the debate forward.
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