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Nicholas Brady
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"The whole process which has brought about these race differentiations has
been a growth, and the great characteristic of this growth has been the
differentiation of spiritual and mental differences between great races of
mankind and the integration of physical differences.?

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I am very sure I am not the first person to talk about this, but I just
found this website called http://www.debatehall.com/ and was blown away. It
is clear that most of the people on this website are either lincoln-douglass
debaters or policy debaters (i heard definitely heard a probability versus
magnitude argument on here that sounds very close to a disadvantage debate),
so what do people think of this? I know we have discussed the rising cost of
debate tournaments versus the dwindling budgets we are getting from schools
(I go to a school where we have no budget whatsoever), so could this be the
answer? Could we form tournaments on the internet using this model? What
does the community think?
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