[eDebate] what needs to happen to make edebate work?

Zach Westerfield zachwesterfield
Sat Oct 10 23:10:22 CDT 2009

Dear Debate


has been discussion for some time about moving away from the current list serve
at www.ndtceda.com.  I know that the
current set up is quite a strain, both in terms of bandwidth and financially,
on Phil Kerpen, who has been gracious enough to keep, maintain, and provide
this forum to the community.  


coaching at the University of Denver, Jared Ellis and myself thought that we
might be able to design a new way for the community to interact.  Though neither of us coach debate in an
official capacity at the University of Denver anymore (we moved into the private sector),
both of us still do what we can to help DU out, judge at a few tournaments per
year, and keep abreast of what?s happening in the community.  We got
quite a bit of experience with information sharing after moving DU over to
paperless debate a few years ago, and one of the technical things we thought we?d
tackle is finding a replacement for ndtceda.com.  We
agree with Joe, the current list serve is slow, archaic, annoying and in need
of a serious upgrade.  That?s not an indictment in any way, shape or
form on Phil, it?s just that we thought it was time to move forward with
something different.


new site that we?ve developed is at www.edebate.com  It?s
up, running, and modeled after a number of the social networking sites that
currently exist.  It?s designed to cater to the academic debate
community.  Feel free to try it
out.  If you can use facebook, you can use this site.  Here
are some of the features of the site:


?  Multiple
Forum discussions can be created

?  Tournament
information pages/updates/results can be created and archived for easy
reference in the future

?  User

?  Team
profiles - keep people updated about your team

?  The
ability to keep debate information in one central location

?  Private
emails between users ? no more ?cite requests? sent to every users e-mail

?  Chat
feature for people logged into the site

?  Ability
to upload pictures and full length videos

?  Events
can be added

?  Groups
can be created

?     It?s
100% free to the debate community.  No
donations or other financial assistance are needed.


we all care about the debate community.  If other people have ideas,
or requests, we have the ability to make some changes and modifications to the
site.  We?d like to grow the site as the community changes, advances,
and continues to move toward a paperless format.



Zach Westerfield

Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 09:42:37 -0700
From: joe_koehle at yahoo.com
To: edebate at ndtceda.com
Subject: [eDebate] what needs to happen to make edebate work?

Edebate never runs on time anymore. Mail is constantly getting delivered days after it was sent, meaning that the listserv is not capable of reliably handling tournament announcements and results because we never know how long things will be out there in the ether.
It's time to talk about possible solutions...should there be another donation drive so that Phil can fix the server issues?  Is someone else willing to step up to the plate and host a new listserv?  Should people capitulate using to the CEDA message board thing? Other ideas?

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