[eDebate] Graduate school inquiry for Fall 2010

Brett Farmer brettfarmer
Sun Oct 11 22:46:49 CDT 2009

       My name is Brett Farmer, I am a fifth-year senior at Kansas State
University.  I will be graduating in May of 2010, with my bachelors in
Philosophy, American Ethnic Studies and Women's Studies.  I am interested in
pursuing graduate study in Rhetoric or Interpersonal Communication.
       As well as an interest in pursuing a communication degree, I am a
five year member of the Kansas State Debate team, and I have been involed in
cross-eximamination debate for nine years.  This is experience I would hope
to bring to you debate team, while pursuing my graduate studies.  Any
information on schools that are accepting application and that have
assistantships would be greatly appreciated.
      Brett Farmer

Brett Farmer
Debate Team Co-President
Kansas State University
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