[eDebate] 87 Average?

A Numbers Game edebate edebate
Mon Oct 12 00:38:23 CDT 2009

> By at least one measure there is quite a bit more judge variance this
> year than at Kentucky tournaments from years past. Where 1.0 would
> indicate an equal point scale among all judges, the Kentucky
> tournament jumped from 1.54 to 2.30 in the last year. (for details,
> see link above)

Also of note: there was no jump in judge scale variance when Wake
moved to a 100-point scale. Wake provided a full page of instructions
on how to use the new scale:


Their scale is much closer to the scale implicitly chosen by the pool
at Kentucky in 2009 that it is to the scales suggested by DeLong and
Hester: 26 is 70, rather than 60.

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