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Mike Kearney kearney.debate
Mon Oct 12 20:49:50 CDT 2009

It seems like all of these scales for 'average' are fairly arbitrary.
Everyone knows that a 27.5-28.0 is average on the 30 point scale, so why
don't we use that average to formulate a better 100 point scale?
Ermo has been suggesting for over a year that we take a score on a
30-point-scale, minus 20, and multiple by 10 (OR, just erase the 2 from 28.5
and move the decimal over to the right. Thus, 28.5 becomes 85).

This makes sense to me because there is a clear reference point and it gives
more flexibility between a 28.0 (80) and a 28.5 (85). Other scales are
pretty close to this but the translation from a 30 point score to a 100
point score would be more definite with this one.

Here's what the scale would look like-

29.5 = 95
29.0 = 90
28.5 = 85
28.0 = 80
27.5 = 75
27.0 = 70
26.5 = 65
26.0 = lol

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 11:31 AM, gabe murillo <gabejmurillo at yahoo.com>wrote:

> I agree that there needs to be a discussion before tournaments about what
> the 100 point scale means. When I heard that 87 was average at Kentucky I
> felt terrible for the people I judged. I don't know if I gave above an 87
> and I saw many debaters who I consider definitively above average. My scale
> starts at 70 and probably averages around 80. 90 and above is a range
> reserved for very very good performances, I was surprised to find out that
> this was terribly low compared to the "average". I was even more surprised
> when people who would have in the past called me a "point fairy" were
> handing out high 90s. To be frank I don't understand the point of the 100
> point scale if 87 is average, but that is neither here nor there. I am
> willing to adjust my interpretation of the 100 point scale if it is clear
> that my points are unfair given the community trend. I think we need that
> discussion and hopefully we can come to some conclusion so the differential
> created by the 100 point scale isn't just based on randomness.
> all the best
> gabe
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