[eDebate] I have no idea where to go for information anymore--help

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sat Oct 24 14:36:09 CDT 2009

1. Debate Results Is Still Debate Results
2. Ceda-L is Still CEDA L
3. Edebate V.02 (This list Serv) Has about as much chance of existing in to
the future as the right does of derailing health care. You take that how you

Here is where it get complicated.
4. Ceda has introduced official forums. They use technology very similar to
cross-x.com. Things are broken into catagories that cover logistics, theory
and  you can read what you want. There is also an open forum. My guess is
that posts that say Gordon Stables is about as web progressive as john
mccain, that are posted in the say what you like catagory  will not be
moderated. However posts that say obama is a kenyan in the northwest
tournaments thread will at least be moved to the open thread. If there is
moderation who will moderate is unclear. The link is here
5. Zach Westerfield and some other folks have created a social network like
facebook located at http://www.edebate.com this service provides all of the
features of the ceda forums, but is more social less official. It links to a
free riding disadvantage that gordon points out that when the
extraorganizational management of the site loses the will to maintain it
then our communication mechanisms are disabled, however it captures the
social nature of the old edebate better...this is more like what edebate
would be like if it where created with todays technology. Its the new new
6. I have set up a facebook page called OMG debate. It is here.
any work it will do everything that the old edebate did...In
facebook. It is the simplest answer to how do we create a reliable listserv.
Plus did i mention it works through facebook, which means you can subscribe
to it and get all the posts in your news feed, share it with your debaters,
etc...I trust facebook to maintain their servers more than i trust
phil..easy replacement..could expand, but right now its the new old edebate

On Sun, Oct 18, 2009 at 10:15 PM, Derek Buescher <derekbuescher at gmail.com>wrote:

> Okay, we have edebate or not? We have the ceda-l, we have the new ceda
> forum, we have another forum started by westerfield? Or is that the ceda
> forum?  and we have debateresults.
> I like the idea of the ceda forum for consolidating business and
> debateresuts for managing tournament information and tab and records. But we
> seem to have a sudden proliferation of sites for discussion. Can someone
> clear up what is doing what anymore; what is defunct (such as this site),
> etc. etc.
> Thanks in advance
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