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(I am sending my thanks BEFORE the final round in hopes that it will be posted to Edebate sometime in the next 73 years.)
Three cheers for ISU!
A very well run tournament ? with many unique personal touches.
Also, an opportunity for the NEW District II to sit down and sort out its post-merger business.  The official handle is, ?Northwest Rockies.? 
I want to thank ISU for giving us an opportunity to jump start our organization issues and our community.
Obviously, times are tough all over. I am worried about the long term viability of our activity.  Every day is another sales job.  It grinds on you.
But it was really nice to escape from that, even for just a spell.  It was especially nice to see good debates and debating, and to see all the folks from the OLD D II and the OLD D IX hanging out and having a good time. I?d like to encourage folks to consider adding ISU to their fall rotation; it is a rewarding experience.
So battlin? Bengals, good job. Again.  (as well as to Glen for running tab).
Lastly, Nate Murphy is the Man!

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