[eDebate] Proposed Rule Change on the "Clear Half" ADA Rule

Mike Davis davismk13
Wed Oct 28 08:29:07 CDT 2009

As a counter proposal - how about if we say no five rounds on the final day
of a tournament? If people want to clear small partials that push debates
then let them find a new schedule that allows them to do. But no more five
rounds on the final day of the tournament.


On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 3:01 PM, Galloway, Ryan W. <rwgallow at samford.edu>wrote:

> Greetings from Birmingham,
> I just arrived home from a wonderful tournament at Vanderbilt University.
>  ML was great, all the debaters fought hard, and we look forward to
> returning next year.
> However, the final round I judged ended at approximately 2AM.
> After the debate, I walked out in pitch black to the SUV I had left in the
> parking lot at the tournament.  Not planning on staying the night, I drove
> around the streets of Nashville to find a place to stay.
> My fine motor skills were weak.  I was having difficulty steering the SUV
> even down the street and navigating a few U-Turns to find a hotel in a
> strange city.  I seriously contemplated taking a nap in the van.
> Meanwhile, Abi drove our kids home after we lost in the semis, and arrived
> home at after 5am.  She has been suffering from exhaustion and throwing up.
>  The motivation to not stay was to make sure our students who were competing
> late at Richmond (another ADA tournament that did 5 rounds in a day) could
> get back home to go to school.
> Folks, this isn't safe.
> A cause of this problem is that the ADA rules clear half of the teams.
>  Vandy did 5 debates in a day and the awards ceremony.  The first debate had
> almost everyone getting a bye, delaying the start of the octafinals until
> almost noon.
> I would like to suggest a minor modification to the ADA rules on this
> question.
> *If clearing half the teams would require a partial double-octafinals means
> that there are less than 3 debates taking place in the double-octafinals,
> that the tournament not clear said teams, that the teams receive a
> double-octafinals award and points appropriate for winning such a debate.
>  For purposes of CEDA, ADA, and NDT points, those competing in the Octas
> will receive the equivalent number of points as if they had won a
> double-octafinals debate.
> 5 debates and an awards ceremony in a day is too much.  National
> tournaments increasingly believe this, now it may be time to clean up the
> ADA rules for the regional tournaments for the health and well-being of all
> participants.
> The Vandy tournament had 2 varsity debates in the Octas and 1 close-out.
>  Meanwhile THIRTEEN TEAMS received a bye through the Doubles, meaning they
> had to wait at the tournament till apx 11:45AM to start their first debate
> of the day.
> The Vandy tournament had 1 jv debate in the Octas and 7 teams advanced with
> a bye.
> Novice Octas was reasonable, 4 debates three byes.
> My proposal is just a conversation starter.  I'm the biggest fan in the
> world of getting more debates for people, but we've got to have a compromise
> at some point.  A handful of double-octafinal debates that cause a
> tournament to try to get 5 debates and an awards ceremony in a day may be a
> reasonable start.
> Recognizing that this may not be popular, but may be necessary...
> Dr. Ryan W. Galloway
> Director of Debate
> Samford University
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