[eDebate] American Debate Association Ballot Results

James Lyle jrlyle
Fri Sep 4 11:27:48 CDT 2009

There were two issues on the ballot (one to the Standing Rules and one
to the Constitution).  Both passed.

Standing Rules change (increased prior policy rounds from 18 to 24):

Novice Eligibility ? III. A.

1.      Eligibility. This division is open to debaters who:
a.     have no more than a combined total of 50 rounds of Lincoln
Douglas and policy debate prior to the current academic year of which
no more than 24 rounds can be policy debate.
b.     have competed in the novice division in a previous year but
have not advanced into the elimination rounds at two tournaments.

Constitution change (created summer meeting flexibility):

Spring Meeting ? IV. 1	

SECTION 1. The Association shall meet during the summer (May-August)
for the purpose of electing officers and revising the ?Constitution
and the Standing Rules of Debate Tournament Procedure.? Additionally,
the Association shall meet, at least once, during the Fall academic
semester (September-December) and at least once during the Spring
academic semester (January-April).

Vote counts:
Standing Rules 9-3
Constitution 12-0

Jim Lyle
Secretary - American Debate Association

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