[eDebate] Opencaselist formatting

Andrea Reed andreareed2007
Wed Sep 9 13:53:59 CDT 2009

Hi everyone,

A couple of changes to the formatting of the caselist wiki... For each  
page of team intel,

1. Heading 1 will be used to separate intel entries by tournament-  
this means that when you go to add cites, remember to paste them under  
this tournament heading, not ahead of it... if you are the first  
person to enter intel from a particular tournament, feel free to add  
this organizational heading yourself to the page you are editing

2. Heading 3 will NOT be used for the "round/tourney" information as  
JP previously said, this information should be in normal style- making  
this info Heading 3 will end up making the table of contents unwieldy

(Heading 2 will still be used for the team and opponent information.)

See Cal BP's neg page for an example:

Other things to note:

1. copy and pasting from files using these new paperless templates  
(including from the cite list if you are using that macro) is creating  
weird spacing issues- cites are copying as 1.5 paragraph spacing  
instead of normal, even if you clear their formatting first.  I'm  
trying to figure out a way to fix this, if you have ideas, let me  

2. If you use the aff and neg scouting templates that are at the  
bottom of the caselist home page, they will create the wrong heading  
levels if you just copy and paste them into the text editor....  in  
those templates, the "team name" top line is correct (Heading 2), but  
everything else copies as Heading 3 instead of Normal...  you must  
*manually change* all of the other lines to Normal, or it will put ALL  
of the citation information into the Table of Contents

Feel free to email me if you have questions.



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