[eDebate] UNI updates - tournament booklet & restaurant list

Katherine Lavelle lenehan20
Fri Sep 11 15:48:46 CDT 2009

hi all,

Here are some updates for the UNI tournament:

1. The hotel block expires today. If you haven't made reservations and plan to, please do so during business hours today.

2. I am emailing the tournament booklet and restaurant list. I will have paper copies of the directions (they have been changing daily due to construction on campus) at registration. One warning, they have University down to one lane on each side, so movement through the intersection of Main & University can be quite slow. 
3. We will be serving the ubiquitous Jimmy John's for lunch on Sunday. If you haven't filled out the veggie/vegan preference yet, please do so. We will have the condiments on the side. If you have vegans in your party, let me know so we can get something without animal products in it.

4. As always, our judging pool is quite limited. If you want to hire for rounds, you may want to check with schools that have extra commitment. We will be asking at registration if people are willing to judge extra rounds for pay.



All the best,


Katherine L. Lavelle 
Director of Forensics
University of Northern Iowa 

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