[eDebate] Full text on opencaselist?

JP Lacy lacyjp
Sun Sep 13 00:26:46 CDT 2009

Some people have been pasting the full text of evidence into cites on 
Some people have been deleting that text.

I am ambivalent about whether or not the wiki should include full text.

I guess we can keep going with this wiki war & keep pasting full text, 
deleting it, & repasting it forever.

I figure its a better idea to ask this:

Should people add the "middle text" to cites on the wiki? Why or why not?

Its not really "My wiki." Debaters refer to it as "The wiki." Its a 
place where we share arguments. So, I'm not trying to make a "final 
decision" here.

We do have a controversy where lots of people have stakes involved & 
maybe those involved should share their arguments.

-- JP

Here are some starter arguments:

Posting full text discourages research because people can just "steal" 
the ev & use it themselves.

Posting full text encourages research because scrutiny improves the 
quality of card-cutting.

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