[eDebate] UNI Caselist Information for those attending

rich tews tews.rich
Tue Sep 15 09:00:35 CDT 2009

We will have scouts running around gathering information for the caselist.
Contrary to the information in the invitation we will not be compiling a
separate document, we will be uploading information directly to the wiki.
In an effort to make this a more efficient process PLEASE bring an
electronic case outline with complete citations of your 1AC with you to the
tournament, this will greatly expedite the process of gathering intel after
the rounds.  Also 1NC outlines/cites would be very helpful, and will greatly
decrease the amount of you have to wait on people to gather intel.  If you
would like to not be bothered after round 1, you can email this info to me
prior to the start of the tournament and I will promise not to post anything
until after round 1 has ended.

Richard Tews
Director of Debate
University of Northern Iowa
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