[eDebate] LU Going Paperless

Nick Ryan runlittleman
Tue Sep 15 12:40:02 CDT 2009

Like several programs this year, Liberty University will be going
entirely paperless. We will follow most of the same conventions that
Whitman introduced last year (and thanks to them for showing this is
all possible, and all their predecessors). Each of our teams will have
a third laptop that we will transfer all of our speeches to, before we
start our speeches. We ask that you treat that laptop with all the
care that you would treat your own, as it belongs to the debaters.
Like Whitman (and other paperless teams), we also ask that you not
scroll ahead of where the debaters are reading (ie, no peeking at new
advantages, or upcoming offcase positions). We will mark cards by
entering multiple line breaks where we stop reading. Our debaters
should offer to transfer a marked copy of their speech to the third
laptop immediately after their speeches end. If they don't, just ask,
and they will offer you the updated document. Finally, if the third
laptop is unavailable or two copies of the speech are needed for the
block, we will offer to jump the speech to you, our debaters will hand
over a read only copy of the speech on a flash drive, we ask that you
don?t save the document to your computer.

-Matt and Nick
LU Debate

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