[eDebate] Clarion Tournament - Hotel Reminder

James Lyle jrlyle
Tue Sep 15 14:14:49 CDT 2009

The tournament is starting to fill out quite nicely, and I hope to see
a few more schools make their way to Clarion.  I just wanted to send
out an email for anyone who may not yet have rooms to do so quickly.
As I mentioned before, the tournament falls on the beginning of the
Autumn Leaf Festival so rooms are increasingly at a premium.

At this point I am not sure the Comfort Inn has any rooms other than a
few singles, but the Quality Inn should have rooms.  You may also be
able to score a room at the Super 8 or Microtel (which does not have
the commonly associated creepiness many associate with Microtels in
major urban areas), but rumor is they are close to full as well.
Beyond these options there are the Holiday Inn and Hampton Inn, but
both are pricier.  From there, you'll be looking at hotels in
Brookville (which is about a fifteen minute drive to campus).  Whoever
you call inquire about a University rate.


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