[eDebate] GSU entries and judging

Mike Davis davismk13
Wed Sep 16 10:42:50 CDT 2009

I will be closing GSU entries at 2:00 today. A few things:

1. Please make any changes by then. This includes filling out your judging
requirements and filling in missing debater names.
2. If you have any changes after that please e-mail me directly.
3. IMPORTANT: please enter judge philosophies for all judges. I am going to
open up the ordinal rankings tonight and it would really help if everyone
could do their rankings in the near future. We are missing philosophies from
the following 22 judges:

Binder - FSU
The Chungs - Wake and Mo. St.
Duffy - Mi. St
Gajora - Wake
Gonzalez - Wake
Hammond - Mi. St.
Hart - Georgia
Hodder - USF
Jardina - Wake
Jarvis - GSU
Johnson, A. - USF
Jordan, S. - Emory
Kim - Harvard
Lamballe - Wake
Lemuel - GSU
Pasquinelli - Wake
Sandoz - Vandy
Rhode - Wake
Scwab - Emory
Webb - Mo. St.
Weston - Florida

Wake is way in the lead with 7, five way tie for second with 2

Dr. Michael Davis
Director of Debate/Assistant Professor
James Madison University
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