[eDebate] A experiment in social debate results on facebook

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Sep 17 14:01:28 CDT 2009


I was very impressed with the new debate results functions the Bruschke
announced at the beginning of this season. i think it is a huge step forward
in debate tournament utilization of internet technology. The one thing i
wished was there that was not was an ability to take the online data and
make it social. I think it would be great if when things happened in the
debate tech world users had the opportunity to share it on facebook. Not
only is this fun, but it also has the ability to allow real time community
double checking on information.

Nothing on this page is meant to compete with debate results, more it is my
attempt to begin to create and test a component that i would like to see and
i believe the community would benefit from.

Here is how it will work.

If you know the result of a round post it on the wall. Include the
tournament the round number the aff the neg the judge the decison and any
rfd info you want to provide. If anybody in the round is your facebook
friend use the @ feature to tag them in the wall post.This will serve two

1) It creates a level of double checking that is almost instantaneous. If i
am watching a round that Deven Cooper is judging and i report that @deven
cooper voted aff and Deven really voted neg deven will be immediatly notfied
through facebook of the report i just gave. He will likely correct it. Say
Deven is not following his Facebook updates, but he tells one of his
debaters about the result of this round. As his friends they too will see
that he has been tagged in a status.

While this service is not as useful without being directly connected to the
offical ballot entry, it hopefully can demonstrate the way that a facebook
feature would work if facebook connect integration where built into
Bruschke's system.

2) Most people want the results from their friends debates, not all the
results. The @ feature means you can follow the results of the people you
care about in your newsstream. This is something that i have long wanted
while watching from home and i think this is a relatively small effort way
in which this feature can be enabled.

By this evening i will have a  few short  instructional videos that can show
how you can easily use this and i will make several more as people ask
questions. Here is the link to the page

One thing that would be cool is if tournaments would set up facebook pages
for their tournaments. This would enable people to tag @ndt10 and post the
result directly to the wall of the tournament page. This would give people
real time results with the ability to comment and discus the rounds that
interested them.

I am interested in your feedback and the ways that we can use the tools that
facebook provides to further amplify the impact of the recent debate results

Thanks and looking forward to Georgia State.
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