[eDebate] teams clearing at King's

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Sat Sep 19 17:20:21 CDT 2009

Novice:  Binghamton KZ, LS; Cornell OR, SW; George Mason BG*; USMA AdBe*, DD*, MR*, PW*; West Virginia JP; Wilkes CG*

JV:  Binghamton JT*, Cornell KaLa, KlLo; Rochester BS, MM, MW*; USMA AtBe*; West Virginia CP, HP, SZ*

Open:  Binghamton FT; Cornell HK, PW; George Mason KN; Rochester KY


Teams with * are debating in JV and Novice partial octas right now.  Others will debate in quarters in the morning.  Open partial quarters will also take place in the morning.


All judges are obligated for the first round on Sunday.  Pairings at 7:30; 1AC at 8:00.  15-minute forfeit rule in effect.


--Neil Berch

West Virginia University
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