[eDebate] GSU Caselist Plea

Dr. Joe Bellon debate.gsu
Sat Sep 19 18:54:15 CDT 2009

Thanks to everyone who helped us collect aff intel on pretty much everyone
at the tournament. Cooperation has been at an all-time high.

However, as usual, our problem is negative reporting. We have very little
information on negatives. To come close to covering a tournament of this
size with a staff of our size, we are reliant on self-reporting.

We'd like to make rounds 5 and 6 focused on negative information gathering.
If you're judging, please send us any intel on the rounds you judged (
gsucaselist at gmail.com). If you're coaching, please ask your teams to send
reports on their rounds to us. Obviously, anyone who has a wiki account can
upload information directly. We'll do our best to cover key debates, but we
could really use your help.

Thanks again to everyone for joining us and braving the rain.

Dr. Joe Bellon
Director of Debate
Georgia State University
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