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Thanks in turn for appreciation. When you go out of your way to publicly shame a tournament rather than backchannel them, you will get a rude response. Don't turn this back on me when you are still unable to publicly apologize to Katie and Richard for the tone of your original post. Saying that you respect them but you will publicly call out their ability to run a tournament is laughable. 

Your response completely misses the point. I never suggested that we shouldn't voice concerns/complaints about tournaments. Instead, my point was that we should do so through backchannel emails so that we don't make other tournaments. Your public post did nothing that a private email on the matter wouldn't have resolved. The post's only effect was to call out and shame two young DOFs that risks harming future attendance at a nice regional tournament. The counterplan solves without harm to anyone.

Another important lesson of argumentation and debate is the important of time and place and etiquette. The point of my response is that you completely failed in that regard. 


> Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 09:59:03 -0400
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> And thanks to you for your friendly and professional attitude, Kelly.
> Richard Tews said:
> "The JV and novice rumor is not true.  The other "rumors" are correct but will be remedied next year." 
> Two attending coaches said the tournament was "prompted" into extending limited prefs to novice and jv.
> Every tournament has complaints, but if they are always covered up hosts cannot learn about them. We miss the real lesson of debate when we react that all disagreement is bad and all criticism is negative. It is the basis of our activity, and using disagreement constructively is the key to developing better answers to problems. 
> I trust Richard and Katie to understand that. I support them fully as growing & evolving debate professionals. I will treat them like adults. 
> We are about to run a 115 team tournament next weekend, and if there are any problems or difficulties please let us all know as soon as you can and be specific. We will try and use that criticism to do better. 
> Tuna
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