[eDebate] National Top 25 Coaches' Poll -- ballots due this Saturday, 9/26

Seth Gannon sethegannon
Tue Sep 22 14:31:11 CDT 2009

I will accept ballots for the first of six scheduled coaches' polls
any time between now and the end of this Saturday, September 26. The
complete instructions I sent two months ago are below, but it's very
simple: Rank in order the 25 partnerships you believe are the
country's best, mark any you are precluded from judging with an
asterisk, and e-mail your list to sethegannon at gmail.com. One coach
from any active college debate program can submit a ballot.

I will never share your ballot with anyone.

Many of you supported this idea over the summer and said you would
participate. Please do... this can only work with a critical mass of

One of the poll's major selling points is good P.R. for debate teams.
If you give me the contact info for a publication near your school, I
will send them a press release any time your school is ranked, or
ranked at a level you specify. Thanks to Will Repko for this

It was great to see so many of you in Atlanta. Congrats to NU and UTD,
who each have a tough tournament undefeated to their credit, and to
the many other programs off to strong starts.



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Subject: College Debate Coaches' Poll 2009-2010
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Instructions and points of interest:

- There will be six polls, all after the season?s start and before its
end. For each, votes will be due on a Saturday--September 26th,
October 10th, November 7th, December 5th, January 16th, and a date in
late February or early March to be named later.

- To vote, answer the question ?Who are currently the twenty-five best
partnerships in the country in rank order?? and e-mail your list to
sethegannon at gmail.com.

- The 1st team on each ballot receives 25 points; the 2nd receives 24
points; etc., until the 25th team receives 1 point. You must select
one and only one team for each of the 25 spots.

- Your rankings will be private: Only I will ever see them. However, I
may publish an alphabetical list of voters with each poll.

- I will accept only one ballot per school, submitted by a coach.

- You are welcome to rank your own teams for the sake of accuracy, but
they will not receive points for your ballot. Please mark any team you
cannot judge with an asterisk; judging constraints are coaches? poll

- Each team?s total score will be divided by the number of voters
eligible to rank it, so that no school is disadvantaged by voting.

- It should be generally understood that no school or college debate
organization is undertaking this poll and that voters are not expected
to invest nearly the time or labor of a voter for NDT at large bids.

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