[eDebate] Wood Pulp-less Debate

Galloway, Ryan W. rwgallow
Tue Sep 22 20:45:34 CDT 2009

OK, sometimes debates are close.

Sometimes they're a crush.

Let's see:  tree-less debate...

1) Saves squads a ton of money--Emory debaters claimed they'll save a grand a tournament.
2) Gets more debaters debating--cost savings allow it, more fit in a van.
3) It's safer--don't have to rent the 15 passenger, which is less safe.  Tubs flying in a van have also been cited as a risk before.
4) It's faster on a panel:  multiple judges can read the electronic team's cards at the same time on multiple lap-tops
5) You don't lose things under a chair, in a mess on the table, that stalls debates.
6) It's neater--a lot less paper around the tournament--I can't imagine tourney hosts are "damn those paperless teams, they make such a mess!"
7) Kids get to their rounds faster...means they get to spend more time prepping and getting the educational benefits of talking to coaches, reading judging philosophies, thinking of args instead of mindless drudgery of moving tubs around.
8) Mild environment benefit

The disads???
1) Sometimes it takes a little while to get the tech working in a debate (people lose wood pulp stuff all the time in rounds)
2) I don't like reading off a computer...um...you are reading this on a computer now

This should be a 100-0 for wood pulp-less debate.  Put away the quill and the parchment, it's time to move forward.  

I think we are mentally trained not to see how time passes in the world of tree entrails.  Shuffling blocks, finding the CP text, lost papers at the end of a debate.  We instead see time for jump drives because it is new and different.  Perception is selective.  We tend to see what is new and ignore what is old.

We have adapted to people playing music in rounds, bringing in boxes, art work, performance projects, etc.  We can easily adapt to this.

Kudos for those who have done it, please help show me how we can do it at Samford.

Still stuck in the world of dead trees, but willing to move forward.


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