[eDebate] Glen's questions about paperless timing

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Tue Sep 22 21:22:22 CDT 2009

For the record, yes, I do time file exchanges that are not done
basically immediately by papered teams. I've been known to stop the CX
and put a team on the clock to do so. You'll also note that it says in
my philosophy that I think it's totally acceptable to do the transfer
to the viewing computer or jump drive while the partner is speaking
such that it doesn't come from your speech time. I don't get why
everyone thinks a paperless team has to provide the entirety of their
speech ahead of time and a papered team can give their opponents cards
essentially whenever. In my opinion, no one has a right to your
evidence until the speech is over. We have simply allowed teams to
look at cards out of courtesy. That said, my belief is that the
paperless teams' only obligation to their opponents is to get the
speech on a jump drive or viewer, not to wait for them to open it to
follow along. That's on them. Once the jumping is done, the roadmap
begins and the speech thereafter. I will not be waiting for anyone to
print an entire speech. They're welcome to do this in the background
while someone is speaking, but I won't be hitting the pause button.

My point is not to say "dont be paperless". My point is to say "do
this without wasting a ton of time".

I do not penalize teams for technology malfunctions, but this is not
an analogous issue since practically everyone uses computers in
debates now and tech malfunctions are basically equally un/likely for
either side.

I am not trying to discourage paperless debate, but I am trying to
discourage our building in an expectation of another 20-30 minutes of
dead time into each debate. I think a large part of the reason
tournaments are slower today than they were in the past is a built in
expectation of  40 minutes or so of sitting around during debates. I'm
doing my best to cut it down and hope others will too.

I think Gordon's idea sounds pretty reasonable btw. I've heard of
others (UMKC) using an electronic dropbox to deposit their paperless
files in. I think this sounds better than jumping the ev for sure,
where it's available. Hopefully in the next couple of years, every
important tournament will have real, free wireless at the tournament
and hotel which would make this process way easier, obviously.


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